Experiencing knee pain and leg pain impacts your lifestyle. When you have pain, it interferes with your ability to engage in a variety of activities. By addressing the discomfort with your chiropractor in Bossier City, you take measures to improve your situation and avoid long-term complications with your health.

What Causes Leg and Knee Pain in Bossier, LA?

The reasons you experience knee or leg pain in Bossier, LA depend on your situation. The underlying causes of your pain may range from minor injuries to severe and chronic conditions.

Common causes of the leg and knee pain include:

  • Arthritis, or inflammation in the knee and joints
  • Sprained or injured muscles
  • Injuries to the cartilage of your knees and joints
  • Overuse of the legs
  • Sports-related injuries to the knees or legs
  • Ligament injuries, such as an ACL tear

The actual cause of your pain may range from a strained muscle to a severe injury. In some cases, you need to seek treatment from a professional at Bossier Chiropractic to determine the underlying cause of your discomfort and an effective solution to encourage long-term recovery and health.

Knee Pain Treatment from a Chiropractor

Knee pain treatment from a chiropractor or leg pain treatment from a professional depends on the cause of your discomfort. At our clinic, we evaluate your needs before recommending a treatment plan.

We may use an x-ray to determine the cause of your pain. After identifying the situation, we use chiropractic adjustments and decompression therapy to encourage natural healing by improving the alignment of your spine, joints and bones. We may refer you to a massage therapist when tension in your muscles complicates the treatment process, but we usually focus on addressing the injuries or the inflammation that causes your discomfort before we suggest any solution or long-term treatment strategy. For swelling and injuries to the knees, we may use ice or similar solutions to help reduce the swelling.

When to Talk to Your Chiropractor in Bossier City

As a general rule, you want to talk to your chiropractor in Bossier City when you notice pain or limited mobility in your legs and knees. We may suggest leg pain treatment based on your situation, so you want to seek treatment before the injuries worsen and you find it difficult to move.

We also suggest seeking treatment when you get into an accident. Injuries from an accident may worsen over time, particularly when you injure the knee and surrounding joints. Early treatment allows us to prevent further injuries to the area and address the inflammation and injury to encourage proper healing and recovery. Do not wait to seek treatment if you get into an accident and notice pain in your knees and legs.

Injuries to your legs and knees harm your ability to engage in sports or other activities. It limits your range of motion. To learn more about our knee pain treatments or to set up an appointment at Bossier Chiropractic, call (318) 747-5855 today.