Do you feel pain in your leg or arm when you cough or sneeze? A visit to your chiropractor in Bossier City, LA can confirm a diagnosis of a herniated disc or other problem. Fortunately, our Bossier Chiropractic Diagnostic & Treatment Center can offer patients a number of options for natural herniated disc treatment.

Overview of Herniated Discs

A herniated disc is a disorder involving one of the discs between the stack of vertebrae that comprise the spine. Each disc somewhat resembles a donut with a jelly center. Sometimes referred to as a slipped disc or a ruptured disc, a herniated disc occurs when part of the soft center pushes through a tear in the disc’s exterior.

A majority of herniated discs develop in the lower portion of the back, also called the lumbar spine. They can also develop in the neck, or cervical spine. Common causes include being overweight, having poor posture, experiencing an injury, or a combination of factors.

While some patients experience no symptoms, others report pain that can occur in the buttocks and legs if the defective disc is in the lumbar spine. For herniated neck discs, pain typically is the worst in the arm and the shoulder, especially when coughing, sneezing, or moving the spine into specific positions. When this condition affects nerves and muscles, patients could experience numbness, tingling, or weakness. Bulging disc treatment includes non-invasive therapies for pain, nerve, and muscle issues.

Herniated Disc Treatment Options

Chiropractic services offer non-surgical options for herniated discs. The main objective for herniated disc treatment is creating an individualized plan based on the source and severity of pain plus the patient’s specific symptoms.

A chiropractic assessment includes an evaluation of the patient’s entire spine. Our chiropractor makes an orthopedic and a neurological exam to determine whether a patient’s reflexes are intact, if there is any muscle wasting, and whether there is loss of sensation along a nerve path. X-rays and an MRI scan are sometimes helpful in making a diagnosis and generating a bulging disc treatment plan. A plan typically includes one or more of these therapies:

  • Spinal manipulation, also called chiropractic adjustments or manual therapy
  • Physical exercises customized to disc location and patient activity level
  • Flexion-distraction using a special table that stretches the spine and isolates the area affected
  • Manipulation under anesthesia performed at an outpatient center or hospital using twilight sleep
  • Pelvic blocking using cushioned wedges to draw a herniated disc away from an affected nerve

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