If you have chronic pain or are diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome in Bossier City, LA, you want to find a way to relieve your pain. Taking prescription painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs every day leads to other health problems, and most people want to avoid this route. Furthermore, since chronic pain syndrome cannot be cured, no surgical intervention can provide permanent pain relief. This is where Bossier Chiropractor Diagnostic & Treatment Center is most effective. We offer natural and effective treatments for chronic pain in Bossier City, LA.

What is Chronic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain is more than just feeling pain on a regular occasion. When you are diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome, this is pain that persists for week or years. It is generally caused by inflammation or a dysfunction in your nervous system. While chronic pain cannot be cured there are many ways to treat the pain. The natural way to manage chronic pain is to visit our chiropractor in Bossier City, LA. We offer chronic pain management and treatment that focuses on the area that is causing your pain. 

What Conditions Cause Chronic Pain

The nerve condition fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread muscle pain. When you suffer from this disease you have overactive nerves that amplify muscle pain. As a result of damaged nerve fibers you suffer from chronic pain. Other nerve conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatic nerve pain. With these types of nerve disorders you experience pain because of soft tissue that is pressing against the nerve being affected. As with carpal tunnel syndrome, you may have scar tissue that has formed around the median nerve connecting the arm to the hand and fingers. This scar tissue builds up over time due to constant pressure on the wrist. 

However, you can also experience chronic pain within the joints, as with arthritis pain and repetitive use syndrome. Repetitive use conditions, such as tennis elbow and rotator cuff tear, are common among people who play sports or work at repetitive jobs, such as typing or on assembly lines. Functional disorders including headaches and neuralgia are other types of nervous system disorders that can lead to chronic pain.

Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

Here at Bossier Chiropractic Diagnostic & Treatment Center in Bossier City, LA we promote all-natural chronic pain relief. Using a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques and integrated medicine, we can help in two ways. 

First, we will identify the underlying issue causing your chronic pain. From there our chiropractor will use therapies and treatments to attempt to treat the issue, such as a sports injury or nerve disorder. The next aspect we offer is with pain management and pain relief. As we treat the underlying condition, we will use chiropractic care to provide you with immediate and long lasting pain relief. 

Starting with a chiropractic adjustment we will realign your musculoskeletal system to overcome any misalignments in your body. This can be effective in treating the issue outright. This can aid in healing while also increasing pain killing endorphins throughout the body.

Treat Chronic Pain at Our Chiropractor in Bossier City

To begin your treatment for chronic pain, contact our chiropractor in Bossier City, LA. Dr. Jim Wiseman has more than 40 years of experience studying and practicing chiropractic care. Contact our office at (318) 747-5855 to make an appointment for chronic pain treatment.