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Common Arm/Shoulder Problems and Chiropractic Treatments in Bossier City

With soreness, stiffness, and lack of movement, arm and shoulder pain can be very uncomfortable. You may find your pain starts when you exercise. You could even aggravate these areas sleeping, driving, or doing other basic daily activities.

With chiropractic care for arm and shoulder pain, your quality of life can improve.

What Causes Common Arm and Shoulder Pain?

Arm and shoulder pain often has many common causes. These include the following:

Frozen shoulder: Named such because your shoulder feels “frozen” in place, frozen shoulder is a condition that occurs when your ligaments and tendons cling to one another. This is known as adhesion.

Rotator cuff tear or other injury: There are many rotator cuff conditions that can cause arm and shoulder pain. Prior rotator cuff injuries that were ignored may lead to joint osteoarthritis. Calcium deposits can grow in the shoulder from a past injury, too.

You may also damage your shoulder’s supraspinatus tendon. This is responsible for letting you lift your arm without discomfort. This tendon can become damaged from muscle imbalances and injury.

Tendonitis: If the joints or muscles in the arms and shoulder become inflamed, they’ll swell up. This can occur from repetitive motions or sports injuries. While your joints and muscles are swollen, you can’t move your arms like you normally would. Tendonitis is generally not serious, though.

Arm Pain Treatment and Shoulder Pain Treatment

If you believe you have one of the above conditions, you need chiropractic care for arm and shoulder pain. A chiropractor will first speak with you about the source of your pain. Then you’ll be diagnosed.

At that point, your chiropractor can offer arm pain treatment and shoulder pain treatment. Through adjustments and manipulations for spinal misalignments, nerve damage, and strained muscles, your pain should cease. A healthy spine is key to a healthy body.

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We offer such services as integrative dry needling, cold laser therapy, physical therapy, auto injury treatment, spinal decompression, and other chiropractic care. Just some of the conditions we treat are carpel tunnel, migraines and headaches, neck and back pain, sciatica, and shoulder and arm pain.

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