Considering integrative dry needling for your pain or discomfort, but have questions? We have the answers to commonly asked questions regarding integrative dry needling in Bossier City.

What conditions can integrative dry needling treat? 

Integrative dry needling treats a wide array of conditions related to pain and discomfort such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, arthritic pain, headaches, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel and more. 

Can I still receive chiropractic care for low back pain relief with my chiropractor in Shreveport?

Yes. Integrative dry needling is a complementary treatment to your regular chiropractic care. Your Shreveport chiropractor in Bossier City will customize a treatment plan that involves both therapies based on your individual needs. 

I have a lot of inflammation, is integrative dry needling good for this with your chiropractor in Shreveport? 

The administration of needles along the surface of the skin evokes a healing response that helps reduce inflammation when used regularly. 

What can I expect at my first session of integrative dry needling in Bossier City?

Your Bossier City chiropractor will palpate for knotted areas in your muscle tissue. Upon discovering the locations, the needle guide tube is placed over the area and tapped into the skin. In many cases, to release what is referred to as the muscle spindle fiber, the needle will be pushed in further. Your chiropractor will retain the needles for a certain period of time to help relax the affected tissues. 

Are there side effects I should consider?

You may receive integrative dry needling without concern for it to interfere with any other medical treatments. If anything, your chiropractic care may be received with more ease when muscles are released and relaxed. Beneficial side effects many include improved sleep and relaxation. 

How many integrative dry needling sessions will I need for back pain with your Shreveport chiropractor?

When you come for your first visit, our experienced Shreveport chiropractor will guide you to understand how many treatment sessions are best suited to your personal wellness or injury. 

Is medication used with the needles?

No. Integrative dry needling is a minimally invasive medical modality that may reduce or eliminate the need for strong pharmaceutical medication. 

Is integrative dry needling the same as an acupuncture treatment?

Although many comparisons can be made between integrative dry needling and acupuncture, dry needling was developed as its own distinct system. The needles used for this modality may also be slightly thicker than standard acupuncture needles. Acupuncture needles are inserted along meridians while integrative dry needles are only inserted into muscle knots to release knots. 

Doesn’t massage therapy release knots in muscles?

While massage therapy does help release muscle knotting, integrative dry needles can target and reach the knot much deeper than massage therapy alone. 

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