When you work in the Department of Transportation, you must pass a physical examination to maintain your certification. Understanding what to expect from DOT physicals in Bossier City helps you pass the exam without complications or problems. At the Bossier Chiropractic Diagnostic and Treatment Center, we offer DOT physical exams to help you stay as a professional.

What is the DOT Physical?

The DOT physical exam is a check-up from a licensed medical examiner. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lists appropriate professionals in different areas, so you can verify when a professional has the ability to perform the exam. 

Do You Need to Bring Anything?

When you visit your Bossier City chiropractor for pain relief and chiropractic care, you may discuss the exam and the standards of the exam. Generally, you must bring a list of every prescription medication you take, the dosage and the name of the doctor who prescribed the medication. If you wear glasses, contacts or a hearing aid, then you must also bring your corrective lenses or hearing aid. A letter from your medical doctor may be required if a specific ailment, like a previous heart attack or diabetes, may impact your health. The letter must tell the examiner that you are healthy enough for the work.

Can a Chiropractor in Bossier City Perform the Exam?

A chiropractor in Bossier City can perform the exam. When you talk to a chiropractor in Shreveport, discuss your concerns and clarify your needs before the appointment. By clarifying that you need a physical exam for the Department of Transportation, we can ensure that the professionals in our clinic have the right tools to check on your health.

What is Required to Pass the Exam?

DOT physical exams require reasonably good health and well-being. A Shreveport chiropractor must evaluate your health through proper testing and diagnostics. Generally, your blood pressure must be lower than 140/90 and you must pass the physical standards of the exam. You will usually provide a urine sample for testing and we may ask about your health history. If concerns arise in regards to your health, then you may fail the physical or require more comprehensive evaluations.

Chiropractic care may help if you need pain relief due to an accident, injury or a previous health concern. It is possible to pass the exam if you have ailments or health complications, but you must provide written documentation of your ability from a medical doctor. It is particularly important if you have a heart condition, previously had a stroke or have diabetes. Usually, you pass the exam for 24 months; however, we may give a certificate for a shorter time period if you have health concerns that may require monitoring.

Contact Your Bossier City Chiropractor Today For a DOT Physical Exam

DOT physical exams are an important part of your career and goals. You must pass the exam for proper certification. To learn more about the exam process or to set up a chiropractic appointment, call (318) 747-5855 today.