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Posted on 08-04-2017

Plantar Fasciitis FAQ

One of the most painful conditions you can experience in your foot is plantar fasciitis. This condition, also known as policeman’s foot, can make walking and mobility quite difficult. We can help you with prevention and treatment of plantar fasciitis here at the Bossier Chiropractor Diagnostic & Treatment Center. Learn more about this condition to protect yourself from chronic heel pain.

man suffering from plantar fasciitis foot pain

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a nerve condition caused by inflammation in the tissue in the base of the foot and the heel. When you are suffering from plantar fasciitis the pain comes from tears in the ligament that connect your heel bone to your toes. Fortunately treatment is available at the Bossier Chiropractor Diagnostic & Treatment Center.

What are the Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis and When is Treatment Necessary?

When you have plantar fasciitis the most common symptom is stabbing pain in your heel. You may find it difficult to stand or walk due to this pain. Other symptoms include stiffness and tenderness in the affected area. If this pain is reoccurring, spreading, or causing you to miss out on daily life, then it is time to visit our chiropractor in Bossier City, LA for treatment. 

How Does Your Chiropractor in Bossier City, LA Provide Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis?

As plantar fasciitis is caused by micro tears in the ligaments in the foot, the primary mode of chiropractic care is healing these tears. We provide a chiropractic adjustment to stimulate circulation and healing. This is key to reducing inflammation and swelling that is associated with heel pain. Additionally, at our chiropractor we provide you with corrective exercises that help to heal and repair the ligaments without the use of heel surgery or painkilling drugs. We can also use cold laser therapy to help stimulate ligament repair and reduce plantar fasciitis pain.

Meet Dr. Wiseman Chiropractor in Bossier City, LA

Dr. Jim Wiseman has been a chiropractor for over 40 years. He provides comprehensive pain relief and treatment for medical conditions including plantar fasciitis. To schedule an appointment at the Bossier Chiropractic Diagnostic and Treatment Center for plantar fasciitis call 318-745-9855. 

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